WP XVideos Adult Theme

If you can’t find the theme you are looking for for your site, do not worry, we will share the xvideos adult theme for you. As you know, one of the industry leaders, xvideos, we will share you the cloned theme. It is a theme that is very fast and ideal for these works. If you need an WP XVideos Adult Theme, you can download the Xvideos Adult theme from our site.

WP XVideos Adult Theme Features

  • Custom Post Type
    • Video
    • URL Source
    • Self-hosted
  • Elementor custom widgets
  • Custom role
    • Creator
    • Custom creator templates
  • Custom login page
  • Custom register page
  • ACF theme options
  • Custom sidebar widgets
  • Creator Dashboard
  • Shorting video function

WP XVideos Adult Theme Download


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